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Storage ideas for london flat

Flats aren’t much spacious unless you live in premium flats. Moving to a London flat is hectic in itself but it’s quite a task to arrange all your things in an orderly and appealing manner in your new London flat. But with some effort and using the simple but effective ideas listed below, you can utilize your London flat to store everything. You can use following ideas to do effective storage in your London Flat.

Use command hooks

You can use command hooks to use your wall as a storage place. Command hooks can be mounted anywhere on the wall without making un-necessary holes in the wall. It is very useful if you are renting a place. Bags, jackets, headphones, towels, anything else that can be hung can be placed on the hooks. You can also hang your WIFI routers to increase reception and save place. You can also use command hooks inside your closets. Command hooks are readily available at cheap prices.

Use Bed Risers:

Bed usually occupies a lot of space, there’s always a space beneath the bed you can use it to place objects which are not for regular use like bags containing off season clothes and different foldable items. To increase the space below the bead, you can use bed risers. They can increase your bed space by inches. Some of the bed risers come with electric sockets; you can use them for electrical appliances and charge your phone or laptop.

Use shoe-racks for doors:

You can find shoe racks to place over your doors at $10. You can use them on your closet doors. The rack has many rows with pockets for storing different items. The rack that I use has 4 rows with four pockets each. You can use different rows for different items; you can place hats, coats, ties, shoes and different accessories.

Use wall storage for kitchen:

You can use 3M command hooks, you can buy them for $8 with 6 hooks and 12 strips, to store different kitchen items like utensils, pot holders, towels, etc. They can keep many items out of the way but accessible to use. I used 8 hooks and 12 strips command hook for pot holders and kitchen towels.

Use cabinets for high storage:

Normally items in the kitchen are stored below in the compartments and or at eye level. The upper surface of cabinets is mostly empty; you can utilize it to save extra space. They might get dirty over there but you can save the dirt by placing some cloth over them. These less often utilized surfaces can be used to store kitchen items which are occasionally used but are still necessary. You can also place some items on the top of your refrigerator. But don’t put heavy items on refrigerator and place them in a manner, they don’t fall.

Use tension rods:

You can use tension rods to hang many things, place them in your closets and you can save the space by hanging different cleaning items and storage bags. You can also use them to hang kitchen items beneath the skin.

Use magnets:

You can use magnets to place coupons on refrigerator. You can also use magnets to place your nail, clippers and other steel items. This said, you can also use magnets to place different spices by buying built in magnet lid jars or you can place stick magnets by using adhesives. You would have to use a steel sheet, spread the sheet on the wall using clippers or adhesives and place the magnetic jars on them. You can save quite big space by using magnets.

Use baskets:

Baskets are mostly used to place trash and junk items but baskets have many other uses. You can use baskets to store your dirty clothes, sheets, covers and other clothing items. Big baskets are available easily in market. You can also use shopping baskets to place medicines, cosmetic and small items.

Use alternatives:

You can save space by using alternatives to many things. You can use projector instead of T.V. If your budget is not high, projector is the best cheap option, it not only saves space but also it is quite pleasing to watch movies on big screen. You can use foldable tables instead of regular tables. They are cheap and can be folded to place anywhere. You can use accessories with detachable parts to remove them and place them; you can use the space beneath your bed to store these items, when not in use.