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Small kitchen storage ideas for efficient space

Kitchen is the most important part of every house. Kitchen must be big enough to store all the kitchen items in neat and orderly way because you cannot store any kitchen item anywhere else. All the kitchen items must be in the kitchen. A small kitchen can be quite challenging but if you have one, don’t worry; you can still organize your kitchen and store every item in a good manner. With that said, you must be ready for a lot of modifications and additions to your little kitchen. Once done you will love the iconic and important part of your living house. Let’s introduce you to the manipulations you can do to use your kitchen space more effectively.


You can save the space in your kitchen for other items if you do a selective shopping. Buy only those products which are the best and your favorite, look for the effective items. It can cost you a little first but it will be a good long term option, since you won’t need backups and timely replacing.

Use wall mount:

You can use wall mounts to hang different kitchen items. You can hang pots and pans by using different rows of wall hangers. 3M command hooks are available at low prices and are the real deal when comes to hole free, clean hanging. You can increase the number of hangs by buying the items with hole in their holders.

Use Cabinets completely:

You can save space for your kitchen by using the less often utilized top of cabinets. You can place occasionally used utensils and accessories on the cabinet top. They can get dirty but you can put a cloth over them to save the dirt.’

Use door walls:

You can use the doors of compartment to store extra items by using tension rods. You can hang many items inside the closet walls. Use the compartment below sink by attaching small racks. You can place knives, forks, spoons, etc.

Use magnets:

You can save space by using magnets, use built in magnet jars. You will need a steel sheet for this purpose. Take a steel sheet and attach it to your kitchen wall using adhesives. Once done, you can attach your magnetic jars with them. You can use this idea for spice jars and other steel items.

Use your cabinets:

You can use containers to store different kitchen accessories like spoon, fork and knife in a portable and hygienic way. You can also use a container with multiple racks, wall mountable, to store different spices. These containers serve as all in one.