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How to manage your yome waste

If you live in the UK, know that the society needs you to manage your home waste or else you stand to contribute to environmental degradation. Have you ever tried to move house or do general cleaning only to come out with overwhelming waste? If yes, follow the below guideline on house clearance strategy that will ensure you dispose of all the unwanted items in your house without harming the environment.

House clearance involve disposal of home garbage.

Separate items

According to waste removal companies, you need to separate your residential garbage for easy recycling. Put the waste in the following categories:


These are waste which will be sent to the landfills. They include residual food waste and wet materials such as tissue and diapers.


The first category is papers. All paper materials magazines, receipts, drink cartons, etc. fall in the category. Be careful not to put any contaminated papers or documents that you will need in the future.

Plastic waste materials. They include bottles, polythene bags and any other material made of plastic.


Glass aluminium, electronics, garden waste and other bulk items.

What follows after separating your rubbish?

You can recycle some waste right at home, e.g., garden waste and kitchen waste which can be used to make compost manure. The manure is highly fertile and can be used to fertilise your home garden or used in planting trees.

Plastic bottles can be used to put necessary fluids. Spare some polythene papers and be using them to carry grocery instead of bringing in new ones.

Electronics and furniture can be sold to the local second-hand stores. Online selling platforms such as eBay are also ideal in the sale of such garbage. You can also choose to donate the items for charity work. Before selling or giving out the garbage ensure they are in a good condition.

Metal rubbish can be sold do smelting industry. Get their contact and ask them to collect.

On the collection day, all the items need to be assembled outside with the residual waste packed in a tied plastic bag. If the garbage is huge, you need to make an arrangement with the local city council to collect the waste.

Get assistance

Home clearance is a daunting task, especially for first timers. One need to have a concrete plan to avoid confusion during waste removal. Put items that are to be cleared inside a labelled box. If you are a family, ask each member to organise the relevant items and garbage and label.

If the process sounds overwhelming, seek professional help from house clearance services. Garbage removal companies provide most of such services. With their assistance, you will clear your house with minimal breakage at a small fee.

House clearance is recommended to be conducted at least twice in a year. It helps get rid of garbage making the house safe and spacious. With the guide, you should have a smooth time clearing your house.