Looking for something to start organising your life?

10 habits of highly organized person

We all have some people around who never miss deadlines, are highly organized, know what and where to look, show zero procrastination and are highly motivated to achieve what they want. There is no reason to envy them because they follow some simple habits, which are at the core of every successful person in any field. These habits are collectively called organization and the person is called organized person.

Organized person adopts certain effective habits which are more like an identity instead of temporary goal achieving manifestation. Once you adopt certain habits, they become your mind set and you start to see think in the same way as you live. An organized person has organized has an organized mind which supplies him with motivation, action plans and objective view. An organized person has lower stress level thus he is more likely to do a certain task in the best possible way. Let’s introduce to you ten highly effective habits of an organized person, which you can adopt to change your life.

1. They don’t Procrastinate:

Every organized person lives by a golden rule, “Don’t leave today’s work on tomorrow”. You got it right an organized person doesn’t procrastinate. Procrastination reflects our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we'll feel tomorrow, or the next day. Procrastination starts as an emotion, then it becomes habit and eventually it becomes a mindset. You will either end up missing the deadlines or doing low quality work in short time. You can’t predict tomorrow, organized person considers the unpredictable nature of tomorrow and do the work in the present moment. So, do your tasks on their time and make them right the first time and leave nothing on tomorrow.

2. They are Objective and Realistic:

Organized people know their capabilities and limitations, they don’t over-estimate or under-estimate themselves. We as a human, most of the times, tend to be more optimistic and over-evaluate ourselves when presented with a task thus, leading us to make strategies which don’t give us the desired result. When you are aware of your abilities and limitations you make strategies which are more effective and practical. So, make your decisions objectively with a realistic approach and don’t omit the uncertainty factor.

3. They have De-cluttered place:

Keep your place organized, assign every corner of your place and things a priority level and place things accordingly. This saves your time on locating items for any task.

4. They set Alarms and Reminders:

Place sticky notes on places and accessories you use, to remind you of different tasks. Don’t rely completely on your memory, humans forget things. You can also emphasize on a certain activity by putting the same note at your often used or seen places. Also set alarms and reminders for the activities, you have decided to do at a certain time.

5. They make Action Plans:

For every problem at hand, make a practical and effective action plan considering the uncertainty factor too. Don’t go unprepared for any task.

6. Keep track of your financial records:

In a famous psychological experiment, the participants were asked to keep track of their daily financial transactions for two month and the results are surprising, the participants’ spending amount decreased, they spent less on drinks and cigarettes, shopping and un-necessary things. So, keep track of your every cent and review them every day, if you are doing a business it’s of dire importance to you to keep track of your every investment, profit and loss. You can use a simple diary or you can use excel sheet, whatever suits you.

7. Eat healthy:

A healthy body has a healthy mind. If you are physically and mentally fit, your chances to do any task increases. Eat according to your body requirements, if someday you do some strenuous work, eat more healthy food to nourish your mind. You can avoid many diseases if you eat healthy so according to your life make a diet plan and stick to it.

8. Prioritize:

You must prioritize, go for the tasks which are of more importance. We are faced with many tasks every day and if not prioritized we can waste a lot of time which are of least important. So, prioritize your task and proceed accordingly.

9. Make a to-do list:

Every night before going to bed or in the morning make a to-do list. Arrange different tasks according to their importance i.e. prioritize your list. See the list many times a day until all of the tasks has been done. This keeps you prepared mentally and the chances to forget anything decreases by 90 percent.

10. They practice maintenance:

You should maintain everything, keep yourself up to date and be familiar with the latest trends and options. As long as you keep yourself maintained, you can live a glorious organized life.